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Sink Hole Repair & Soil Stabilization

Sink Hole Repair

Sinkhole remediation is corrected by compaction grouting which fills the sink hole void. Helical piers or push piers can be used alone or in conjunction with compaction grouting.

Helical piers and push piers are used when the building needs to be jacked due to severe settlement due to sinkholes.

With our experience of moving brick, block, and slab houses weighing hundreds of tons this gives us the upper hand in jacking distressed houses back to their original position. We specialize in masonary & historical buildings.

Soil Stabilization

Soils can be stabilized by injecting a grout mixture under pressure into incompetent soils to stabilize. LaRue House Movers and Sons, Inc. is experienced in this service.

Pressure Grouting

Slabs can be raised back to its original position by pumping a grout mixture under pressure. We can raise those slabs that others cannot by utilizing our beam system and then pressure grouting the void.

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